This is after a few discussions with Jeyo and BrickfilmNut.

First, the fixes:

  • Oblivion needs to go. It needlessly complicates the story of the game. It's in no way necessary and not worth including.
  • The secondary villain will be an insane (albeit) powerful minifigure, a la Saruman. He should not be a ridiculously goofy character, although humor could probably be fit in. You will fight his creations (up until you fight him) - the Hydra would be a good example of such a creature.
  • You will discover the backstory as you go through the game, eventually leading to your discovery that Korrigahn is still alive.
  • The "druids" will be leaders of equal rank in Korrigahn's army. They will head different divisions of the army (have different types of subordinates and have different purposes). We'll deal with them later. The focus of the team should be on early development.

Next, other stuff:

  • I will be referring to sections of the game as chapters. The first chapter would be training/intro. The next few are all interchangeable, as the gameplay will be more or less open-world going along a few different routes. The last few will be fighting in Korrigahn's fortress. We don't have to call them chapters, I just like the idea of doing it like that.
  • I would like game progress to read as a story - that is, your character writes down what they've done as they go through the game.

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