I only recently brought this up but I have been having some misgivings about how the current Inferion is envisioned. Currently, Inferion are essentially minifigures in armor. That would make more sense to me if, say, they were an army of evil minifigures...but they're not. They're beings of energy, created by Korrigahnn, a being of energy.

I have no problem with the idea of a minifigure enemy, but I do feel that it makes little sense for Korrigahnn to create minifigures to fight minifigures. It seems more like he'd create a horde of fire/shadow/whatever elementals who are roughly shaped like minifigures. The way I currently see them is as mostly immaterial beings with solid hearts (gems of a sort?) in the rough shape of a minifigure...kind of like a Darkn Ronin from LU.

Opinions (please post)?