This was sent from a contact form:
"I'm Knightoffaith, acting representative from a fan-group that is creating a LEGO game called The War of the Bricks, and our partner project, The Imagatrix War. It has come to the forefront of our attention that we cannot operate through the LEGO Message Boards and the Galleries going into the future as we have been doing currently. Because of this, we have decided to ask LEGO to give us the necessary tools to be able to comply with their rules and continue working on our game through their website.

An explanation of what we are looking for, which was originally the letter we were going to send but is not our acting mission statement, can be found on the LMBs topic for The Imagatrix war (Link: The new letter we are going to send is also located there (Link: I may not actually be sending the letter. I'm planning on calling customer service first to see if they could put me in contact with someone so we can get more directly where we need to go (plus, faster than snail-mail). I will be using the gist of this letter in my phone-call though. We ask that as another fan group, you would support us and any other teams supporting our efforts. If you agree, please reply saying so, along with the username of your representative, who is encouraged to keep up-to-date with our activities through the IW topic on the LEGO Message Boards. (Link: Also, the username of your representative and your group name may be mentioned with our correspondence with LEGO.

Whether or not you wish to support us in this way, I would like to know if you might use this platform should it go live. That is, if you had the necessary tools, would you use more heavily for your project, would you move it there entirely, or would you continue using it the same as you have been?

If you would rather not participate, I would be grateful if you let me know as well, but please give it thought. If you have any questions or comments feel free to either send me an Email or post on our LEGO Message Boards topic."