Hello there! Welcome to the wiki! If you are a prospective team member and would like to apply for a position on the project, this page on the wiki is just one of the several places you may do so! Just make sure to follow the rules below.

How to Apply

Please post a comment below giving a little information about yourself, the position you would like to apply for, and the reason that you are applying. It is also required that you provide an example of your work in some way, though for coding, this does not have to be done on the wiki if it would be impractical.


  • Coder (must be proficient in C# or JavaScript)
  • Concept artist
  • LDD designer (We are very selective in this regard.)
  • Modeler/Animator (Must know how to use a 3D modelling software, preferably Blender or 3DS Max.)
  • Server
  • Texturer
  • Music

Things to Keep in Mind

Here are a few of things that all people applying for a position on the team should be aware of.

  1. We're a selective team and have high standards for who and what we accept.
  2. Considering the needs of the game, we are mainly looking for modellers, coders, and other developers. However, we will still not deny membership to anyone who shows significant skill in other areas.
  3. We want the team to run smoothly and for all members to co-operate, so we also judge attitude and work ethic. Those applying shouldn't expect to be accepted based on their skills alone
  4. Even if you are not an official team member, anyone is free to submit story ideas and models on the team's wiki, and if anything significant is used credit will be given on the official site.
  5. If you want to help the team out, but are not particularly skilled in any of these areas and want to learn, then let us know. We will do our best to try and assist you, so long as you show the appropriate amount of dedication.
  6. This is a non-profit group. We don't have any income, and we're not paying anyone anything.