This page will be used for the outside community (in other words, those who are not team members), to provide feedback on what they think of our progress on the MMOG so far, based on the information provided on the wiki. However, there are some rules for providing such feedback:

  • Stay on topic. This page is about the game, not something else.
  • Use constructive criticism. Do not use this page for aiming petty insults at the game.
  • Be serious. Joke comments will generally be considered as spam.
  • If you want to submit your own ideas to the project for potential use, you can do so at our Fan Feedback Wiki!
  • Obey all of the wiki-specific policies mentioned on this page.

You can provide your feedback in a comment below. Please note that comments which do not follow the above rules will be deleted, with possible disciplinary action for offenders. Thank you.