Below, you can find the current progress that the project's team members have been making. If you know of anything additional to add, please do so.

Coders Edit

Coders currently have a character controller down, the ability to turn rendering of an object on or off within Unity, the ability to move between worlds, and more.

LDDers Edit

Right now, LDDers have a variety of generic environment pieces built, as well as a jet-powered glider and a sandworm head prototype.

Modelers Edit

One of our main achievements in this area has been the basic minifigure model, created by Allen. Other works are a large hydra, the hub world currently being worked on by Jeyo, and the aforementioned glider.

Animators Edit

Currently, we have animations for most of the player reactions related to basic character controllers.

Texturers Edit

Textures have a small variety of environmental textures and a larger variety of minifigure textures complete.

Writers Edit

Writers are currently wrapping up the formation of the team's main storyline, being discussed in this thread. A few individual writers have also begun possible stories for the individual worlds.