Below, you can find the current tasks and goals that the project's team members are undertaking, organized by team member position. If you have any further questions regarding the tasks and goals below, please contact either the specialty leader for the position you are with or one of the three team leaders.

Coders Edit

Coders should primarily focus on basic player interactions, such as building bricks, entering vehicles, talking to other characters, and more. Coders can also begin work on a fun, non-canon "test world", and, once they know that the features work well enough, can begin incorporating them into the hub world.

Concept Artists Edit

Concept artists can begin work on the characters, buildings, and other aspects of the hub world and desert world.

Additionally, concept artists may collaborate with the modelers and coders in making a test world.

LDDers Edit

Initially, LDDers should work on the gliders and vendor booths set to appear throughout the game. Right now, however, LDDers also have the option to make generic environment pieces. This includes rocks, furniture, and anything else generic. Generic vehicles may also be worked on, though there is a slightly greater chance that these could be denied at this time.

Modelers Edit

Our current goals for modelling, until the writers have finished the basic storyline premise and begin working on the stories for each world, revolve around basic LEGO pieces that may be needed. These include hairpieces, helmets, simple swords and blasters, and more. Another option for modelers is collaborating with the coders in making a test world.

Animators Edit

Currently, we have animations for most of the player reactions related to basic character controllers. As such, animations can be made for more specific player interactions, like building LEGO bricks, entering vehicles, etc.

Texturers Edit

Like the modelers, texturing work will currently focus on generic torso and face textures. Environmental textures, like rock and grass, are also a priority, as well as textures for the enemies featured in Category:Enemy Concept Art

Additionally, texturers may collaborate with the modelers and coders in making a test world.

Writers Edit

Writers should make the hub world their first priority, though work on the generic storyline or separate worlds can still be worked on separately.