Lori Pedsel

Lori Pedsel is a character created by Jeyo. She is a vendor and one of the most prominent NPCs in the Explorers Guild. Lori is a former explorer. She knows a lot about being in the field and is tough but relatively easy-going. The quality of the blasters she sells is the best--and she knows it. However, she will not hesitate to direct you to another NPC if you require something other than weapons.


Lori has dark brown hair in a ponytail that drapes over her right shoulder. She wears a dark brown leather vest with a thick gray bandolier over it, running from her right shoulder to her left side, where a silver crested pauldron bearing the logo of the Explorers Guild resides. The pauldron covers her shoulder and the left side of her torso and hooks over to her back. Lori's vest is a short one, as it displays her stomach and some of her back. She wears a gray belt with a large buckle -- again displaying the Guild's logo -- and has brown leather pants and black boots covering her legs. A white blaster holster is strapped to her left thigh.


Lori sells all types of technology, but specializes in weapons. She has blasters of all types, shockwave-inducing brass knuckles (for want of a better name), knives, grenades and even slingshots in stock. Lori also sells hardsuits, mechs and armor. She does have some other gear in stock, but she'll direct you to other vendors for a wider selection.