This is some concept art made by Jeyo of what could be the "heavy" soldiers of Korrigahnn. They are stronger, more brutish versions of the standard Inferion. Rather like Hammer Stromlings of LU (though I don't know how strong they were in comparison to standard Stromlings).


These warriors have very dark red skin that's only visible on their head. They have oval-shaped slitted orange eyes that glow. The armor they wear is gunmetal with a tinge of brown. It is designed to look like the patterns of fire and has a wide belt strapped diagonally across it. Their helmets are the same color and are angled and spiky. More so than their more common counterpart, as they have large curved horns sprouting from each side and have a line of short spikes on top. They have large openings for the eyes (and the flame that occasionally leaks out). Their forearms are clad in large gunmetal armor pieces. Sprouting from these oversized forearms are a pair of thick black claws. Heavy Inferions' legs and torsos (under the armor) are black.

Certain higher-ranking soldiers wear heavy pauldrons on their shoulders, held in place by straps.


It takes four hits from a sword or other melee weapoon (unless charged or imbued with extra energy) to kill these Heavy Inferion and five or six hits to kill them using fists. Pistols and other small ranged weapons can kill them in three shots, while larger weapons can take them out in two.

These warriors deal a fair amount of damage if they hit you with their claws and are often seen dotting groups of standard Inferion. They are among the first enemies to be seen and appear on just about every world. Three to four of these heavy Inferion appear at one time, usually.

The Heavy Inferion can form and hurl fireballs from their claws every five seconds. These fireballs deal a good amount of damage. The most devastating attack of the Heavy Inferion is its charge: it will lower its head and sprint toward you quite fast. Should the horned helmet connect, it will toss the player two minifigure-lengths and deal significant damage. When charging, however, Heavy Inferion cannot easily change direction.

Heavy Inferion are often included in a group of standard Inferion that can be summoned by Fire Wraiths.