Fire Wraiths (or Flame Wraiths, Infernal Wraiths or whatever we decide to call them) are enemies created by Jeyo. They are the lieutenants of Korrigahnn's army and are much like the Dark Ronin of LU. They often travel with a large squad of Inferion and can summon more Inferion at will. They are very difficult to kill and deal a hefty amount of damage. They could be considered mini-bosses.


Fire Wraths are wispy, ghost-like beings composed of fire and clad in armor. They have no legs; instead, their lower half is a constantly moving mass of gaseous flame theat allows them to fly.

Their torso is covered in dark brownish orange clothing and gunmetal armor. Their pitch black head is covered in a cowl of the same color as the torso. The upper arms of the Wraiths are the same substance as their "legs"; wispy and orange. Their forearms are clad in gunmetal armor and they wear brownish orange gloves over their hands.

All wraiths wield curved black staffs with large bronze blades at the end.


Fire Wraiths are among the most powerful of Korrigahnn's army. They are very hard to kill (I'm not sure of the number of hits yet) and can go into a pure fire/insubstantial form that allows them to pass though solids and liquids. If they pass through a minifigure in this form, they deal a good amount of damage. There are usually only one or two Wraiths at one time. By thrusting their staff in the air and having the blade glow orange, they can summon more Inferion soldiers to aid them.

Wraiths can also hurl fireballs regularly, swing at you with their staff and [one other ability I haven't thought of yet].