Drake Rock, discoverer of...Drake Rock.

I had to do it, Mvp. :P

Drake Rock is a male NPC vendor in the Explorers guild created by Jeyo. He is easy-going, cocky, flashy, and loves his hair. Before becoming an inventor and vendor, Drake was a very active explorer. He discovered the small world that is now known as Drake Rock, a name that provides evidence of his clever yet arrogant attitude.

Drake's products are high-tech, hand-made, unique and rather expensive. However, if he likes you he'll give you a deal.


Drake wears dark blue pants, a black belt with the Explorers Guild logo as a buckle, and a light brown button-down long-sleave shirt with an open collar. The Guild's logo is worn again on his chest. Thin white stripes line his pants, sides and arms. Over his shirt is a dark brown bandolier with a silver buckle. Drake has dark, wavy hair with one curl hanging over his forehead. he has thin eyebrows and a jaunty grin.


Drake sells unique merchandise of all kinds, ranging from specialized binoculars to jetpacks to bricks for building later. His specialty is flight, and as such he has a wide variety of jetpacks, jump-packs (less expensive), rocket boots, powered hang gliders, goggles (complete with a heads-up display) and flight suits in stock.