The Cyclops Inferion (arm schematics to the left, head to the right).

Jeyo presents the Cyclops Inferion, an enemy with a placeholder name that has one eye, four arms and a lot of built up rage. These one-eyed Inferion are subminions: soldiers under Arok, a hulking brute of a cyclops who in turn is a prominent member (boss) of Korrigahnn's army. Watch out for these guys, because they are even more agressive and powerful than Heavy Inferion.


Cyclops Inferion are minifigure-size, but four arms with large club-like appendages shaped like fire instead of forearms. They sport red armor with bronze highlights on their torso, a gunmetal belt with a gold buckle, red clothing of some sort on their upper legs and arms and wear jagged bronze helmets on their yellow-eyed heads. Their skin is black, and is visible only around their eye, in the middle of their arms and on their lower legs.

There are two other types of Cyclops Inferion; each can be identified by the horns on their helmet and the slight color scheme change.

  • The occasional few have one horn on their helmet and silver highlights on their armor instead of bronze. These have a higher rank and power level than standard "one-eyes".
  • Even more rare are Cyclops Inferion with two horns and gold highlights; these are the most powerful and high-ranking variation.


These angry Inferion can see you coming from a long way off, run fast, and can move each arm individually, so if they get close enough they will pound you nonstop: one arm will always be hitting you, another about to hit and two being drawn back. Each blow deals a fair amount of damage, but these guys can land four punches a second. That, coupled with their health level, gives them ample time to do plenty of damage before getting killed.

"Silver" one-eyes have the additional ability  to form a fireball every five seconds to launch at you. The fireball takes one second to form, and can only be created when all four arms are focusing on the task. The "Silvers" are most vulnerable while charging a fireball, as you can easily doge behind them and give them a pounding.

"Gold" cyclopses can shoot beams of concentrated fire in a similar manner. These beams deal much more damage than fireballs and launch at a higher velocity than them as well.They take two seconds to charge. However, "Golds" will cancel the beam and lash out with fists if you get too close while they are charging their beam.

It takes five hits from a melee weapon (excluding combo moves and energy-imbued weapons) to kill standard Cylcops Inferion, seven from fists, four from a pistol or other low-hit point ranged weapon, and three from a larger/more powerful ranged weapon. Higher ranking one-eyes take one more hit to kill than their direct subordinate.

Cyclops Inferion can be summoned by Furian Phantoms, the more powerful version of Fire Wraiths.