The Second. Full-body pose and potential vehicle design to the left, front view to the right.

The Second is Korri's insane second-in-command. He begins encountering the player on the tier 2 worlds, once the player has shown himself or herself to be a threat. He attacks the player with his creations, one per world, and ultimately confronts the player full-on in the passage leading to the Core. In addition, players will spontaneously fight minor creations of his, mainly robotic, which are marked with his trademark "S" symbol.


The Second has large eyes and a big grin, meant to convey the Second's relatively-young age. At the same time, cheekbones illustrate his skinny build, and he has thick, dark eyebrows. Not one too interested in personal upkeep, the Second's brown hair is messy and unkempt.

The Second wears a grey t-shirt bearing the "S" symbol, and over top he wears a leather jacket which goes down over his hips. Both pieces of apparel are wrinkled and uneven. He also carries a shoulder bag, and wears dark, jean-like pants.


Second was a gifted minifigure, skilled in building, telekinesis, and other forms of "sorcery". At the same time, Second was always a little "out of it", finding joys in creations too zany for the likes of many minifigure and getting into mischief. As such, when the first opportunity for exploration arose, he journeyed off as an explorer, (playfully) annoyed at his fellow minifigures' lack of understanding of him. Over time, as he explored, he greatly increased his knowledge and power. He also greatly increased his insanity.

Eventually, Second met Korri, who offered him a high position in his army, as Second was much more powerful than Korri's other minions, though still less powerful than the First Builder himself. Second learned much from Korri, and worked to create many of the obstacles that the player encounters.


To be finished at a later time. Second largely fights from the background, using custom-made creatures and mechanical devices to attack the player. If/when one fights him closer to the Core, however, he has a variety of telekinesis-based attacks.


  • The t-shirt he wears is not actually custom-made, but was bought at a small local business, "Steve's Bike Shop", before the Second went exploring. In his insanity, however, Second became attached to the t-shirt and adopted the logo for himself, branding many of his non-organic creations with it. Steve has ever-since had difficulty explaining the Second's robot attacks.